Evidence is showing that the more massage you can allow yourself, the better you'll feel. Here's why.

"I met Vedran in the Fall of 2008 while going through treatment at chiropractic office for car accident injuries. My first encounter with him was one of great stress. I have been through most of the therapists there already, was in a great deal of pain and getting tired of the feeling I was just another 15 minute patient. The first thing I noticed was how professional and mild mannered Vedran was in approaching me and how he really listened to me as I talked about the pain I had been experiencing. Taking that conversation he went into my treatment. All I can say that for the first time in a long time I felt relief. It is kind of hard to explain how just with a few movements and techniques he used he relaxed my whole body. Being a nurse I have been a huge advocate in massage and do treat myself regularly to help in relaxation and healing. Vedran is a true master in his craft and his passion for what he does is very noticeable in his treatment."

"The first time I met Vedran was shortly after I had experienced a horrific car accident which left me with severe soft tissue damage. Because I am a Sign Language Interpreter in private practice, I was scared and unsure of what would happen to my future. Other massage therapists had tried to give me the deep tissue massage that my injuries required but they never seemed to give me complete relief from the pain I was feeling. Each time I saw Vedran for therapy, he took the time to really listen to what I was feeling and worked hard to give me that much needed relief that my body was craving. He was able to work deep into my muscles fibers to release the knots that had been caused from my accident. He has a gift that few people possess. I am truly grateful to Vedran for helping me heal and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking deep tissue massage therapy!"

"In addition to Vedran's strong skills and knowledge in massage therapy, he also possesses a quality that is so important to this type of client-centered work: intuitive sense. Not only about the physical body, but the person as well. He seems to have a knack for "reading" my needs, mood, energy level and emotions; all important factors that affect the overall success of the therapeutic experience. He asks questions rather than assuming what I need, then really listens and analyzes my input. I am very happy with the quality of his work!"

"No matter the stresses of your day, the things on your mind, the pain in your neck, or the tension in your shoulders, you will be amazed at how Vedran make all these things and more dissolve under his fingertips."
Anne Marie Falanga, PROPERTY MANAGER

"Not only is he very knowledgeable in human anatomy and skilled in his techniques he also cares about each and every patient that he comes into contact with. I've had the pleasure of working with Vedran for years and he is the sweetest person and the best massage therapist I've ever known."
Sherrie Murray Houtari, MASSAGE THERAPIST

"I've been to a number of massage therapists, and feel really lucky to have discovered Vedran. His technical skill is complimented by a calming presence that lets me trust and fully relax into the experience. I've been very happy with his ability to address areas I'm concerned about as well as to find muscle tension I'm not even aware of. I always leave his sessions thinking it was time and money well spent."

"I continue to improve each time I come to receive massage from Vedran. My range of motion increases as well as a decrease in the amount of pain medication I need to take."
Scott Jefferson, POLICE OFFICER

"I feel fortunate to had had a friend suggest I go to Vedran for a massage. He has helped me through a very stressful time by providing wonderful massages in a calm, respectful atmosphere. I've had massages previously but none have left me so completely relaxed."
Kathleen Miller, RETIRED TEACHER

"For a long time I was looking for professional help for serious joint, neck and shoulder pain. What I found was generous, friendly and informed relief and long term pain management help from Vedran. I highly recommend him!"
Bethany Lacktorin, ARTIST

"After experiencing massage in countless places around the Twin Cities over the years I finally found PEACE IS AT HAND . Vedran is an extremely skilled massage therapist, and I have seen many. He always knows how to unravel my tense and painful muscles and set me to rights again. The relief he has brought me is priceless! I know that my massage therapy sessions at PEACE IS AT HAND have improved my general health and quality of life. Thanks Vedran!"
Heather Rosenwald, SALES MANAGER

"My career involves many hours of sitting at a desk and using a computer. I also frequent a gym to workout hard at least 5 days a week. The combination of both of these activities requires that I see a massage therapist on a weekly basis to work out all of my sore and tight muscles. I have had quite a bit of bodywork done over the years however I've found very few therapists who have been able to treat and provide me with the relief I've needed however this is not the case with Vedran. He has been my massage therapist for over a year now. After receiving my weekly massage I am able to perform all the activities that are necessary as well as those I enjoy -pain-free. I've been very pleased with Vedran's massage techniques & skills. He is extremely professional, efficient, and it is evident that he cares about helping his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone!"

"This year I've been training for the Chicago Marathon. Running 5 days a week eventually started taking a toll on my body. Getting regular massages has helped to prevent injuries and speed up recovery time. Vedran is not only excellent at providing therapytic massages, he has the patience and will take the time to get to the root of any pain. Working with Vedran has allowed me to Improve my performance and continue training at a fast pace!"

"I have tried over half a dozen massage places in Uptown and finally found what I was looking for, a knowledgeable massage therapist with the insight and experience in deep tissue massage. Vedran's PEACE IS AT HAND is the premiere place for deep tissue massage therapy, and a verity of other services to heal and rejuvenate your body. He is very professional and experienced, and takes time to listen and understand your particular situation; not to mention best prices! I love the on-line scheduling option; you can book it with a smartphone or just call to make an appointment. I have used the 100 minute option for overall body rejuvenation from martial arts training and running, and the 30 minute option to work on specific problem areas. The prices are really the best I have seen in Uptown and you get more time, (i.e. 100 min not just 90 as others offer, or 70 instead of 60 minutes). I usually book a package so the prices are even cheaper. If you are only interested in a glorified back scratch then there are other and more expensive locations. If you want professional deep tissue massage at an unbeatable price, this is the place!"