First Visit



If you’re new to massage, you might not have a clear idea about what to expect. Here is some information to help you feel confident and ready for your relaxation experience. Whether your appointment is with me or not, this will give you some good guidelines for nearly any professional massage situation.

At PEACE IS AT HAND, you will always be treated with compassion, respect, and care.

When you arrive at the office, you will be greeted and then given an intake form. During your initial intake interview I will ask you some questions, such as: the reasons you are getting a massage, current physical condition, medical history, life style and stress level, experiences with specific areas of pain, and whether there is any specific need you want addressed during the massage.

Once I understand your preferences, I will leave you in the massage room momentarily to allow you time to disrobe and get comfortable on the massage table. A full body massage is done with draping, so your modesty will be respected.  Now is the time you should begin breathing deeply and saying goodbye to your stress. Try to set your daily concerns aside as you turn your focus toward yourself. If you are pregnant, I may require the use of special elevation pillows or may work on you in a sideways laying position.

Once the massage begins, it will last 60-90 minutes, depending upon your requested session length. I will use either a non-scented, non-staining massage lotion for your massage. I will also offer to add a scent to your session made up of pure essential oils extracted from herbs and plants. I will let you chose a scent of your liking, and may recommend a use of certain scent based on your needs for that day (e.g. Lavender for relaxation, Eucalyptus for energizing etc) Approximately half way through the session, you will be asked to turn onto your back and you will so under the draping.

During the massage, if the room temperature needs adjustment, let me know. If you need a lighter (or deeper) touch than you are experiencing, say so. The entire focus of the session is on your health and well being, from the gentle music and lighting, to the responsive actions and trained touch of the therapist. You can choose to talk or not and you may even fall asleep during your session. This is a common reaction to a relaxation experience and it is safe to do in this type of professional setting.

Once your massage has been completed, I will leave the room so you can get dressed. I will generally await your exit in the front office area so you can take your time a bit in getting your bearings. Don’t feel you need to hurry. Just be sure to be careful as you step down off the massage table and regain your normal balance. To my client I recommend drinking a lots of water to help flush out the toxins that were stored in your muscle tissue and were “stirred” up during the massage. You will be given a bottle of water to "jumpstart" your toxins flushing.

For first time clients I usually make a follow up call a few days after the massage session with me to inquire about your experience with Peace Is At Hand and to answer any further questions/concerns that you may have afterwards. I strive to perfect your experience with my services, and in order to do so I need your feedback!

Thank You for choosing me to be your “guardian from stress and discomfort”!